Weddings and Engagements

I believe there's only one way to cover a wedding and that's full coverage, honey. I will be there during mimosas and coffee, hair and makeup, first look, ceremony and reception. I want to capture every precious moment. This applies to each of my wedding collections. You'll find an option for still photos, film, and both! 

Tulip Collection: $2,200

Full day photo coverage. Every moment will be captured in a still image that will be carefully edited. This collection includes a free consultation and 1 hour engagement session.

Daisy Collection: $1,500

Full film coverage of your wedding day. The Daisy Collection will provide you an enchanting motion picture of the best day of your life. Allowing you to relive every laugh, tear and happy dance the day brings. 

Engagement: $300

If you're simply seeking engagement photos, this is the session for you! I don't put a time limit on these sessions. Lets pick a location, and take our time capturing every ounce of love and googly eye you can make at your partner.

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